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Home Insurance

Home insurance policies have a lot of moving parts. Whether you have a brick, frame or manufactured home, we want to make sure your home and your personal belongings are correctly covered if the unthinkable happens.  We have several companies that package the home and auto together as well as some that specialize in just homeowner’s policies.  Our home policies always include full replacement cost on the dwelling as well as the contents. Did you know that a standard policy won’t cover you if your sewer or drains back up?  There is an endorsement for that!  We make sure you are aware of all of your options, deductibles etc.   When the “what if” happens we have companies that pride themselves in claims service and doing all they can to get you back to where you were.

Auto Insurance

“What does comprehensive cover?”   “What is the difference between liability and collision coverage?”  “How much will it cost to add my new driver?” These are some of the many questions we get on a daily basis regarding auto insurance.  We want to make sure that you understand your policy before you leave our office.   There is no such thing as a one size fits all company, so we have several to choose from that will “fit” your situation.  Whether you are packaging your home and auto together or buying your first car, we have a company for that!  You may have a spotless record and have that first ticket or accident.  Let us review your policy at renewal and we will check to see if you may be a better “fit” with another company.

Renters Insurance

When you are renting an apartment or home, the landlord makes sure they have insurance on the dwelling.  They are protected, but you are not!  The insurance on the dwelling you are renting does not protect your valuables.  A renter’s insurance policy will protect your valuables as well as help you in case something happens to the dwelling that makes it uninhabitable.  Renter’s insurance is one of the best and inexpensive investments you can make.  You would be surprised at how inexpensive it is!  Let us check for you.


A lot of us have had that dream of riding a motorcycle on the open road through the Blue Ridge Parkway or maybe out to Myrtle Beach!   When the dream comes true and you finally take the plunge and buy that bike, CALL US!  We have companies like Progressive, National General and Foremost that specialize in motorcycles, boats and RV’s.

Boats, RVs, Mopeds, Golfcarts

Whether you are out for a day on the lake or taking the camper up to the mountains for the weekend, we have coverage for those!  There is a new law in NC that requires all drivers of mopeds to carry liability insurance on the bike.  Let us help you with that.  More and more campgrounds are requiring their campers with golf carts to carry liability insurance before they are allowed to roam the campground.  We have coverage for that as well.  Recreational vehicles are for just that, recreation.  Let us handle the insurance coverage so that you can relax and enjoy what these vehicles were made for!

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